It has been no secret the running world has been rocked by numerous accounts of females being harassed, attacked, mugged, or even abducted during their most tranquil part of the day, during their run. We have seen a huge uptick in interest in the store on this subject and women asking for solutions to keep them safe during their run.

For a couple years now runner safety has been a hot topic, but focusing more on what to wear when running at night or on a busy road. The other topic of safety has not evolved much since running mace was being sold as the one solution for on the go safety from predators. It’s quick and effective, being a reason why we have not seen many other solutions.

The Running Lab staff attended The Running Event conference in Orlando, FL the beginning of December and caught wind of a new product on the trade show floor called Wearsafe. Wearsafe is a button women can clip anywhere on their body for easy access in an emergency. This solves the problem of having something quick to use to respond to an emergency. There is no time to open a phone, type a text, or make a call when a predator suddenly jumps you. The button clipped on your body is Bluetooth enabled. When pushed, it can send a text, or place a call to up to five people. It provides your location and connects you with a group chat so your multiple contacts can talk to each other to get the right help faster. You can even create multiple groups for different situations. There is a fee for this service at $5 a month, but when purchased at Running Lab you get six months free. After those six months your do not automatically start getting billed, it’s at your discretion to continue. No Apple Music streaming scams here!

Some specs about the pod that you wear:

  • There is a battery life of 6 months
  • It takes is a CR2032 wafer battery, so most likely you have some of those laying around already
  • It has a 200ft range from your phone when you connect it
  • There are vibration alerts when you press the button to tell you the signal has been sent
  • It continues vibrating every time someone views your alert
  • The Wearsafe pod is water resistant for up to one meter, so probably not a good idea to take it swimming

Time will tell if there will be interest in this type of product. We feel enough people are having conversations around safety that this product has a place and fills a need. They will be available at Running Lab by Dec 9 and will retail for $30. Wearsafe is a great Christmas gift for that runner in your life you worry about every time they go out for a run.