Fun at Running Lab

27 May 2015

Tuesday 8run0 club from Running Lab! All group runs are free . Runners and walkers of all levels are welcomed and encouraged to join! Distances from 3 – 10 miles available! More Information

10 runs = $10 Running Lab gift Card 20 runs = Pair of socks 50 runs = Running Lab T-Shirt 75 runs = Running Lab hoodie 100 runs = Running Lab jacket

Every Tuesday at 6p Running Lab Brighton 328 W Main St. Brighton, MI 48116 (810) 225-9123

30 April 2015

Leave a comment by midnight Sunday, June 3 for your chance to win a FREE copy of Gene Baur’s new book “Living the Farm Sanctuary Life”

Athlete and author, Gene Baur is co-founder Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue organization dedicated to farmed animals. Competing in marathons, triathlons and even completing an Ironman to demonstrate that a plant-based lifestyle can fuel optimal athletic performance. Having started running in high school, his first race was the Oak Tree Half-Marathon in New York with a time of 1:47. He recently completed his first Ironman in under 12 hours — breaking four hours in the marathon, following the 112-mile bike and 2.4-mile swim. Not expecting to, he qualified for Boston with his first marathon. Running and other activities (like ultimate Frisbee) help keep Gene physically fit, and also help burn off steam and process challenging questions and issues. As a vegan for over 25 years, he feels great about being an example of how eating plants instead of meat, milk, and eggs can fuel significant athletic achievements.

Gene finds it important to make time for work, family and fitness, which can be tough, especially when traveling. The key is to be mindful, pay attention, and to make adjustments when necessary. Whenever possible, he rides his bike to work and incorporates exercise into daily routines. He tries to eat and share meals with loved ones, and to celebrate good health and community.

When it comes to diet and nutrition, he believes human beings are best suited to eat whole plant foods, and that a vegan lifestyle benefits humans, animals and the planet, a win, win, win.  When it comes to both fitness and nutrition, you should listen to your body and pay attention. When training many hours, be mindful of eating enough to support the calorie burn. Warm up slowly, train hard, and be sure to get adequate rest. Eat a variety of whole plant foods as fresh and close to the source as possible, and eat a proper amount to support your level of physical activity.

Gene looks to those around him who are striving to make the world a better place for inspiration. Some are well known activists, but many are citizens going about their daily business with kindness and positive intentions. Gene is inspired to see lives transformed in positive ways, and is blessed to see this on a regular basis – whether it’s an animal who has escaped the food industry to live at Farm Sanctuary or a person who has improved their health and well-being by shifting toward eating plants instead of animals.

“Living the Farm Sanctuary Life” was written to reach and encourage more people to consider and ultimately embrace a vegan ethic and lifestyle. It also demonstrates that vegan living is healthful, accessible and fun. There has never been greater awareness and concern about our animal based food system, so the timing of this book is perfect.

People eating a standard animal based diet often ask Gene about getting adequate protein and nutrients on a plant based diet. He explains that “I’ve been vegan since 1985 and, like others, am able to get all the nutrition I need from plant sources. The question demonstrates how the meat, dairy and egg industries have convinced consumers that animal foods are necessary. It also shows that people are open to eating plants instead of animals when they understand that a plant based diet supports their health and well-being.” He tries to focus on and dwell in the positive things that are happening, and also keep the serenity prayer in mind.

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