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12 January 2017
08 December 2016

It has been no secret the running world has been rocked by numerous accounts of females being harassed, attacked, mugged, or even abducted during their most tranquil part of the day, during their run. We have seen a huge uptick in interest in the store on this subject and women asking for solutions to keep them safe during their run.

23 November 2016

Workout Wednesday! 
To celebrate getting fit for Thanksgiving workout spell: I AM STRONG
Do that 3 times and modify if need be

14 October 2016

Despite putting in nearly 1,000 miles in training, marathoners often speak of a wall they hit at some point during the race, normally between Miles 18 and 22.

Some runners say it is due to a mental struggle, while others might say that it is purely physical, that their bodies just give out. Regardless, the wall is something that new marathoners fear and veteran marathoners have experienced at least once.

14 October 2016

Keep an eye on Kayla Daugherty during Sunday's Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon.

She will be running the U.S. half marathon for the Free Press and making stops to interview runners and supporters along the way. Want to talk to Kayla? She'll be asking you runners to tell us why they run -- who or what inspires you to put one shoe in front of the other while you are actually out there on the course, giving it your all.

We want to hear from you! Tweet or post your inspiration - be it text, photo or video -- using the official hashtags, #WhyWeRun and #FreepMarathon.

Kayla, 24, recently earned her master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She’s a Roanoke, Va., native who transitioned from soccer to running as an undergraduate at Livonia’s Madonna University, where she competed on the cross-country team.

“I love running because of the community and positive energy surrounding the sport,” she told the Free Press. “Living in Brighton, I run with Running Lab’s 8RUN0 group, Brighton Area Road Striders (BARS), and whatever friends can join me for the best way to start or end a day.”

Watch for Kayla on Sunday and watch for her Facebook Live videos on the main Free Press Facebook account and later on freep.com.

Kayla has already helped with coverage in advance of the marathon. Check out her first three stories:

• Why nutrition is vital for top running performance

• Marathon runners strategize to beat heat, humidity

• How to mentally prepare yourself to run a marathon

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