Custom Shoe Fit Process

One of a kind fit process with free video analysis of your walking or running stride

It is now possible to fit nearly every type of foot whether it be for walking or running. Many considerations go into helping you decide on your perfect shoe including running style and goals, body type, gait, body mechanics, injury status and more.

Our trained staff will take you through our exclusive four step fit process to help determine the best shoe for you. We have a complete line of shoes and products with over 50 brands currently stocked. Be confident that you can enjoy your activities with improving efficiency, reducing injury and increasing performance though the knowledge and guidance of our staff.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. It doesn’t matter how good a shoe or product feels in the store, you don’t always know if it will work for you until you try it out for a few days. Because of this, we encourage you to return your shoes within 30 days, if they are not working for you, any condition. Our goal is to help you get the best possible fit to help you move and run better.

However, shoes are designed to last most people from 300-500 miles. At that point, if the shoes starts bothering you it needs to be replaced.

You have a choice on where to shop and we created Running Lab rewards as a way to say thank you for shopping with us! It’s free to join, with no annual fees. Rewards are tracked on your account at the store with no limit on how much you can earn. For every purchase you make you earn rewards that can be used towards anything at the store. Rewards expire six months from the date they are earned.

Ken Larscheid
Ken Larscheid Owner

Ken Larscheid, owner of The Running Lab, has been involved in the athletic shoe industry for 14 years in many different facets. Ken started out working at Dicks Sporting Goods for 2 years and quickly realized his passion for running shoes needed to take him further. He moved on to manage two different New Balance concept stores in Wisconsin and Illinois, learning the basics of buying, management, and more precise shoe–fitting utilizing widths and common practices found in traditional sit and fit stores.

Toni Reese
Store Manager
Toni Reese Store Manager

Toni is the manager at Running Lab. She is a motivational trail runner that enjoys inspiring other runners to run trails and to reach new distance goals. Her positive attitude and people focused approach makes her an incredible contribution to our Running Lab team.

Brenna Wheeler
Marketing & Events Manager
Brenna Wheeler Marketing & Events Manager

Brenna joins Running Lab as the Marketing & Events Manager. Brenna runs to de-stress from life with 4 young children at home. Don’t bother to ask her before a run how far she’s going, she never knows, so she’ll probably just run whatever distance you’re up for! She’s a fan of the half marathon and terrible weather conditions (but the colder the better). When she is not running, she is hiking, biking, camping, orienteering, kayaking or just plain enjoying the outdoors with her husband & four young children. 

Kimberly Bastian
Sales Associate
Kimberly Bastian Sales Associate

Kimberly been running since high school track where she primarily focused on field events and the 800 meter. However, she really found her love of running after college when she was stationed for the Air Force at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. Kimberly loves Running Lab because it has the most enthusiastic staff of any running store I've visited and I have been to many since I've lived in many places in the United States.

Aleighsha Engisch
Sales Associate
Aleighsha Engisch Sales Associate
Michele Cox
Team Running Lab Coach / Sales Associate
Michele Cox Team Running Lab Coach / Sales Associate
Paul Doby
Team Running Lab Coach / Sales Associate
Paul Doby Team Running Lab Coach / Sales Associate
Kayla Daugherty
Sales Associate
Kayla Daugherty Sales Associate

Kayla is a soccer girl turned running junkie. She ran cross country for Madonna University back in her glory days but now loves hitting the trails with friends and exploring the new places running takes her. If she's not out running you'll probably find her drinking coffee at the local coffee shop reading the news.

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